Real & Rosemary

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Photo Creds to Mackenzie Brown

Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending the soft opening of Real & Rosemary, the newest addition to the Homewood food scene. Jennifer Mims, who is not a stranger to this fast-casual industry, is scheduled to officially launch this brand new restaurant on March 15. Jennifer was raised in a family that valued fresh vegetables and lean proteins. Can everyone just take note for a second?! They had their own GARDEN. A green, plush garden, composed of delicately grown crops that they prepared and shared together as a family!! Ah, the good ole’ American dream. This precious family tradition is exactly where the concept for Real & Rosemary was stemmed (no pun intended…).

Real & Rosemary is a fast-casual restaurant, centered on real food and good company. They believe in making the dinner table a place of healthy fellowship. Real & Rosemary is just darling. After being greeted by the quaint patio, complete with bistro lights and cafe tables and chairs, you will walk through a wooden door into a dining space composed of refurbished wood, marble and mismatched chairs. The environment is warm and welcoming to all, as well as clean and minimalistic, making it very trendy! The bar is garnished with wines, liquors and beer, and provides a perfect after-work spot for a drink and a quick bite. To top it off, the food is fabulous.

I was able to share this experience with my new dietitian friend, Mrs. Holley Grainger. She is so inspirational and so passionate about delicious and healthy food. Holley is a life-long friend of Jennifer, so needless to say, I definitely received the friends and family treatment (trying not to fan girl over here). Holley and I started out with the Collard Pesto Dip, a fresh creation served with veggie slices and small toast. SO refreshing! We then enjoyed our individual entrees. I ordered the Beat, Fig, and Goat Cheese sandwich, complete with arugula, cranberry walnut bread and balsamic vinaigrette. Y’all this takes tasty to a whole new level. The combination of fruits, veggies, cheese and grain is mastered perfectly. I honestly would not have changed a thing. With this, I enjoyed the Zucchini Pasta with Avocado Pesto, one of the many Garden Sides. Holley chose from this colorful list of Garden Sides, and created her own compilation of Zucchini Pasta, Succotash with Herb Butter, Charred Carrots and Sweet and Spicy Slaw. It was beautiful and even twice as delicious. Holley and I could barely get a word in between the chewing of this amazing meal.

If you are craving a fresh, wholesome, yet filling meal, Real & Rosemary is the place to find it!


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